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Celebrating history. Inspiring the future. 

See all the latest fixtures and team news here: 

W/C 02.09.23 NEWS HERE

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W/C 30.10.23 NEWS HIRE

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W/C 27.11.23 NEWS HERE

W/C 04.12.23 NEWS HERE

W/C 11.12.23 NEWS HERE

W/C 18.12.23 NEWS HERE

W/C 22.01.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 29.01.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 02.02.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 09.02.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 16.02.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 01.03.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 11.03.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 18.03.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 25.03.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 28.03.24 NEWS HIRE

W/C 12.04.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 13.05.24 NEWS HERE

W/C 17.06.24 NEWS HERE



DURFC are looking for sponsors ahead of our 2023/24 campaign, one in which our aims are simple.

1. Regain our BUCS Super Rugby Title

2. Remain the dominant force in not only BUCS leagues, but also in the RFU Leagues.

3. Continue to be the best club in the world, both on and off the pitch.


Sponsors have always and will always continue to play a huge role in the success of our great club, this cannot be emphasised enough – and we would appreciate any help that you can provide us with!


As a club, we have numerous sponsorship packages available, from Kit Sponsorship , Match Ball Sponsorship, individual team/player Sponsorship and more!


Please see the attached brochure for a full list of packages available.


Thank you for your continuous support – from all of us at DURFC .




Please find all 2023/ 2024 BUCS Super Rugby fixtures here. 

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